IMG_2468.JPGOver our more than five decades of contracting experience, we have continuously refined our safety culture and structure. Today our safety function is led by chief safety officers Pete Kelly in Construction and Bob Dills in service with the constant support of our Safety Director LeeRoy Young, Operations Manager Jim Jeffrey and all of foremen, superintendents, project managers and other members of our safety committee.

WAM is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, for staff, our clients, and the public.  Our Safety Program continues to evolve with the industry’s increasing focus and understanding of safe working practices. Through consistent training and oversight, our project teams have developed understanding of safety and the best practices for the wide range of projects that the mechanical construction and service industry encounter. A primary example of our preparedness can be seen in our pre-task planning practices that are standard in all of our work.

For a review of our Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Code of Safe Practices and our current safety statistics, contact us anytime!